|| Dsus9    A     E     Esus4  E  | Dsus9      A     E     Esus4 E  |
Lover, I’m off the streets
| Dsus9    A   E      Esus4  E | Dsus9     A   E      Esus4  E  |
Gonna go where the bright lights, And the big city meet
| Dsus9                          | A                            :||
With a red guitar, on fire

||: Dsus9         A       E        Esus4    E    :||
Desire, Desire

||: Dsus9     A      E   Esus4 E | Dsus9       A      E       Esus4 E :||
She’s the candle, Burning in my room
I’m like the needle, Needle and spoon
Over the counter, With a shotgun
Pretty soon, everybody got one
|   Dsus9                    |   A                            ||
And the fever when I’m beside her

Desire, Desire


| Dsus9                     | A                       ||
And the fever when I’m beside her

Desire, Desire

||  Dsus9                 | A                     |
|  Dsus9                   |   E                    |   E                     ||

She’s the dollars, She’s my protection
Yeah, She’s the promise, In the year of election
Sister, I can’t let you go
I’m like a preacher Stealing hearts at a traveling show
For the love or money, money…?

|| Dsus9                |    A                       ||
And the fever, in higher


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