I went to heaven (Carla Bruni)

No Promises is the second album by the Italian-French singer-songwriter Carla Bruni. It was released in January 2007. While Bruni’s début album, Quelqu’un m’a dit, was sung in French; this album was sung in English. All tracks on the album are adapted by Bruni from poems by deceased authors. This from Emily Dickinson.

||6/8  C           |   Am         |
I went to heaven
| Dm            |      G           |
‘Twas a small town
| C           |  Am         |
Lit with a ruby
| Dm            |   G         |
Lathed with down

| FMA7      |  Fm6        G7       |
 Stiller than the fields
|  C     E7  |  Am7             |
 At the full dew
| FMA7    |  Fm6         G7       |
 Beautiful as pictures
|  C                 |   G7                |
 No man drew, no man drew

People like the moth
Of meshing frames
Duties of gossamer
And eider names

Almost contented
Could be
‘Mong such unique
Society, society

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