Like a Prayer (Madonna)

||   Em           |  D      Am          |
Life is a mystery
|   Em           |  D       Am          |
Everyone must stand alone
|   Em          |  D       C      |   G      C      |   D           | Em           | (Em)         ||
I hear you call my name, and it feels like home

||   G           |   D                |
When you call my name
|   C                    |
It’s like a little prayer
|   G           Em                ||
I’m down on my knees, I wanna take you there

In the midnight hour
I can feel your power
Just like a prayer, you know I’ll take you there

||   C           |   G              |
I hear your voice
|   D           |   Em              |
It’s like an angel sighing
|   C           |   G          |   D            |   D                  ||
I have no choice I hear your voice, feels like flying

I close my eyes
Oh, God I think I’m falling
Out of the sky I close my eyes, heaven help me

When you call my name…

Like a child
You whisper softly to me
You’re in control just like a child, now I’m dancing

It’s like a dream
No end and no beginning
You’re here with me it’s like a dream, let the choir sing

When you call my name…

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