Perfect Day (Lou Reed)

||  E         Am          |  E          Am             ||

||  Am         D          |   G              C            |
Just a perfect day, drink Sangria in the park
|  F             Dm        | E                            ||
And then later, when it gets dark, we go home
Just a perfect day, feed animals in the zoo
Then later, a movie too, and then home

||  A               D               |
Oh, it’s such a perfect day
| C#m            D    /C# /B |
I’m glad, I spent it with you
|   A               E              |
Oh, such a perfect day
|  F#m          E             |   D                     |
You just keep me, hanging on
|  F#m          E             |     D                      ||
You just keep me, hanging on

Just a perfect day, problems all left alone
Weekenders on our own, it’s such fun
Just a perfect day, you made me forget myself
I thought I was someone else, someone good


|  F#m        E          |  D              |   F#m       E          |  D               |

||:   C#m           G             |  D     /C# /B   A            :||
You’re going to reap, just what you sow

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